People who work in construction are exposed to a variety of environmental challenges. Here are just a few:

  • The site may be in a remote area.
  • Rough treatment can damage frail smartphones.
  • Workers are exposed to dirt, dust, wind, rain, and mud; all are hostile to the workings of smartphones.
  • Surrounding noise from construction machinery can drown out telephone conversation.
  • Telephones are frequently dropped on hard surfaces.
  • Bright sunlight can “wash out” the smartphone’s screen.
  • Many smartphones cannot use applications unique to construction, personnel for planning, executing and following up on a project’s progress.

Runbo Communication Devices offer the following features to combat the effects of the construction environment:

1. Rugged Case:

  • Scratch proof touch screens resist deep scratches that obscure screen sharpness.
  • Tough device construction resists crushing or puncturing the protective case and damaging the electronics.
  • Case has rubber grips for easy handling.
  • Large keypad can be operated even when wearing gloves.

2. Rugged Touch Screen:

  • Bright screen overcomes the brightness of the sun.
  • Scratchproof glass protects touchscreen from scratches.

3. Facilitates Oral Communication:

  • Powerful telephone receiver with adjustable volume control easily increases volume to “punch” through loud background noise.
  • External loudspeaker has adjustable volume to serve as a conference phone. The volume control can be adjusted so several people can hear the conversation.
  • The external speakers are loud enough to overcome most background noise levels, making it possible to use the “walkie-talkie” feature on the job site.

4. Smartphone’s Mini-Computer Features:

  • Uses apps designed for construction workers:
    • Time clock functions
    • Planning tools
    • Reporting tools
    • Provides real-reporting apps to eliminate client/construction contract issues due to misunderstanding

5. Affordability:

  • Runbo’s Communication Devices are priced so every member of your construction team can be linked for “instant communication.”
  • Increased safety through reliable communication streams.
  • Efficient communication saves time and money coordinating the crew on the site.
  • Instant “push to talk” feature ensures quick responses to dangerous situations.
  • Instant communication allows supervisors to find specific employees quickly.
  • Instant response allows supervisors to instruct their construction team(s) to act quickly in dangerous situations to protect workers’ safety on the site.
  • Runbo’s devices use the latest 4G wireless functions. They also employ the “Walkie-Talkie Instant Communication” feature for construction site communication where allowed by local regulations.